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This page will present a complete list of our product lines. You can view product line by clicking a link.

As we add new product lines, we may add additional pages to our site.

                                    Our Trays

Quartered Sandwich Tray

A selection of Tuna, Salmon, Egg Salad, Roast beef with Dijon mustard and Black Forest Ham with Swiss Cheese. All Served on white and whole wheat breads. SM: $22.00 LG: 42.00

Build Your Own Sandwich

A selection of deli meats, Swiss , cheddar, and provolone chesses, slices tomatoes, lettuce, Dijon mustard, mayo and 24 assorted buns.  LG: $48.00

Seafood Platter

A selection of smoked salmon, capers, cream cheese and shrimp. served with bagel bites.          LG: $75.00

Cheese Tray

A selection of Canadian and imported chesses, garnished with fresh fruit. SM: $30.00 LG: $43.00

Relish Tray

Dill pickles,  sweet pickles, green olives and pickled onions, SM: $20.00 LG: $35.00

Vegetable Platter & Dip

A generous selection of vegetables served with your choice of dip. SM: $23.00 LG: 43.00

Fruit Platter

A selection of local and exotic fruits served with a vanilla yogurt dip. SM: $25.00 LG: $43.00

Tortilla Rolls and Salsa Platter SM: $23.00 LG: $43.00


This month's special:

Deluxe Cheese & Fruit Display


RR#5 124 Cherry Valley Rd, Waterford, Ontario, N0E 1Y0